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Plan projects of any level of complexity using convenient visual toolsEnsure production with a convenient supply monitoring systemMonitoring of work completion and resource write-offAccounting of expenses and receipts, financial analytics

Planning has become easyEnsure timely deliveriesAccounting for actual execution, resource write-off, and acceptanceAutomate the payment upload process

Use automatic task creation mechanismsUse the built-in supply management mechanismsCollect information from the SMR objects, the Construction Business will do the rest for youTrack your financing with the Stroybusiness report

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Accounting for incoming and outgoing payments
Automatic filling of production logs
Applications, monitoring of limits
Distribution of payments by groups
Tracking the remaining volumes of work performed
Local estimates
Loading payment orders from 1C
Performance analysis for contracts with performers
Supplier price comparison
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Analysis of contract performance

Quickly get information on the current status

  • Use contract reporting
  • Take advantage of the views that are convenient for you
  • Analyze detailed information
  • Make smart decisions

Import payments

Import payments

  • Connect an external handler to 1C
  • Export payments from 1C to an external file
  • Import data to the Construction Business from an external file

Work production logs

Data on actual production is recorded in the work logs in the reporting period.

  • The list of works in the journal is generated automatically from the production schedule
  • The list of resources is generated automatically from the local estimate
  • The completed volume for the reporting period is recorded by the head of the site or the project manager
  • If the work is performed by a subcontractor-specify the contract with the subcontractor and the actual cost of the work under the contract
  • If the work is performed by your own team, specify the team and the FOT for this work.
  • If the estimate provides for executive documentation , then a note about its need will be set in the checklist
  • In the case when the work has passed internal acceptance (construction control) - the accepted volume is recorded and a mark on acceptance is made

Use the attachment mechanism to store photo reports from construction sites

From the delivery plan to the requests

Working with the Supply module starts with the supply plan: it is updated and refined.

Production support can be provided through applications.

Positions of material and technical resources are carried out by their selection in the application from the supply plan.

This approach allows you to track limits at an early stage: before making the actual purchase and


A special log is allocated for the accounting of electronic contract documents, which greatly facilitates the navigation and search for the necessary document.

The contract specifies the basic parameters of the transaction. It is possible to attach scans of the original contract documentation, appendices, and specifications.

To do this, the corresponding files are uploaded directly to the document storage of the Stroybusiness system.

Payment monitoring

Payment monitoring

  • Track payments to your contractors (subcontractors)
  • Correlate payments with completed work
  • Plan future payments based on the performance of the work
  • Allocate your finances based on your priorities

M-29 write-off report

The M-29 document is generated automatically: just set the reporting period and select a local estimate

The report on the M-29 form can be uploaded to Microsoft Excel

Working with orders-specifications

An order specification is formed from one or more requests

The generated document is uploaded to an external file and sent to the suppliers

Suppliers return already completed orders-specifications

Received Orders-specifications are uploaded to the system

Then you can compare prices and choose a suitable supplier

The execution of deliveries for orders-specifications can be further monitored using reportsdelivery to the object.

Local estimates

After the contract is created, a local estimate is created and linked to the contract with the customer, as well as to the construction object.

In practice, local estimates are generated in the estimate software and uploaded in a ready-made form to the Construction Business.

It is possible to import any number of estimates in a group. This may be relevant, for example, when the SRS has several estimates for each construction object.

The multiple import mechanism allows you to minimize the manual input of ready-made estimates into the Stroybusiness system as much as possible.

Act of the COP-2

It is very easy to form a CS-2 in the Construction Business:

  • Create a document
  • Specify the contract with the Customer, the estimate, and the responsible
  • persons Set the reporting period
  • Click the autofill button


During the autofill process, the system will calculate everything itself.
Like other CS-2 documents, you can upload them to Microsoft Excel

Receipts, transfers of resources

Accounting for the supplied resources is carried out according to the process:
  • Acceptance to the warehouse, if material resources are supplied
  • Acceptance of services, if services are delivered
  • Transfer of goods and materials to the SMR object
  • Return of goods and materials from the object to the warehouse (if necessary)
Batch accounting is implemented to enable more accurate supply management.
It is possible to write off the material or tool into disrepair