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Monitoring of work completion and resource write-off

Accounting for actual execution, resource write-off, and acceptance

Collect information from the SMR objects, the Construction Business will do the rest for you


Automatic filling of production logs
Tracking the remaining volumes of work performed
Performance analysis for contracts with performers
Storage of executive documentation
Automatic calculation and formation of M-29
Automatic calculation and formation of CS-2
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Analysis of contract performance

Quickly get information on the current status

  • Use contract reporting
  • Take advantage of the views that are convenient for you
  • Analyze detailed information
  • Make smart decisions

Work production logs

Data on actual production is recorded in the work logs in the reporting period.

  • The list of works in the journal is generated automatically from the production schedule
  • The list of resources is generated automatically from the local estimate
  • The completed volume for the reporting period is recorded by the head of the site or the project manager
  • If the work is performed by a subcontractor-specify the contract with the subcontractor and the actual cost of the work under the contract
  • If the work is performed by your own team, specify the team and the FOT for this work.
  • If the estimate provides for executive documentation , then a note about its need will be set in the checklist
  • In the case when the work has passed internal acceptance (construction control) - the accepted volume is recorded and a mark on acceptance is made

Use the attachment mechanism to store photo reports from construction sites

M-29 write-off report

The M-29 document is generated automatically: just set the reporting period and select a local estimate

The report on the M-29 form can be uploaded to Microsoft Excel

Act of the COP-2

It is very easy to form a CS-2 in the Construction Business:

  • Create a document
  • Specify the contract with the Customer, the estimate, and the responsible
  • persons Set the reporting period
  • Click the autofill button


During the autofill process, the system will calculate everything itself.
Like other CS-2 documents, you can upload them to Microsoft Excel