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Supply chain

Ensure production with a convenient supply monitoring system

Ensure timely deliveries

Use the built-in supply management mechanisms

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Applications, monitoring of limits
Supplier price comparison
Receipts, transfers
Refunds, debits
Transfer of resources to production
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From the delivery plan to the requests

Working with the Supply module starts with the supply plan: it is updated and refined.

Production support can be provided through applications.

Positions of material and technical resources are carried out by their selection in the application from the supply plan.

This approach allows you to track limits at an early stage: before making the actual purchase and

Working with orders-specifications

An order specification is formed from one or more requests

The generated document is uploaded to an external file and sent to the suppliers

Suppliers return already completed orders-specifications

Received Orders-specifications are uploaded to the system

Then you can compare prices and choose a suitable supplier

The execution of deliveries for orders-specifications can be further monitored using reportsdelivery to the object.

Receipts, transfers of resources

Accounting for the supplied resources is carried out according to the process:
  • Acceptance to the warehouse, if material resources are supplied
  • Acceptance of services, if services are delivered
  • Transfer of goods and materials to the SMR object
  • Return of goods and materials from the object to the warehouse (if necessary)
Batch accounting is implemented to enable more accurate supply management.
It is possible to write off the material or tool into disrepair